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The Your Choice Reward is an innovative premium that provides an individual that receives their own Your choice Reward, with the ultimate premium reward that does exactly as the name states, providing you with Your Choice, which allows you to choose which reward or premium that you want, from an available selection of over 12 different premium gifts.

A premium reward is a gift, bonus, additional benefit, thank you or other way to add value and is given away as a Free Gift by participating merchants, member based groups, non-profits and other organizations.

Your Choice Reward is more than just a premium reward, it is the ideal and very best premium that provides recipients with choices, allowing each and every individual an opportunity to get the Free Premium or Gift, that he/she will want and will most likely use, instead of being forced to get what everyone else is getting and that most likely will not be used.

This website, located at is one of the Your Choice Reward redemption and fulfillment websites that recipients of a Your Choice Reward or other Your Choice product are specifically directed to use.

Your Choice Reward is one of the Your Choice brand of managed programs and product offerings that have helped to provide innovation and value by developing a wide targeting line of programs and products that have been giving the end-user or recipient the Your Choice concept since 1999.

Your Choice, an operating division of Exclusive Incentive Marketing Inc., has developed a variety of Your Choice managed programs and product offerings for Gifts, Gift Certificates, Gift Cards, Rewards, Premiums, Dining, Incentives, Benefits, Travel, Entertainment and more.